Gourmetofpersia have been supplying for customer just the A Grade Saffron on the market, and accessories. Our speciality is supply hotels, restaurants and all others place of Gastronomy. But we also supply of our private clients
The Gourmetofpersia sell in EU product preceded by a long selection of suppliers in Iran. Thanks to the time devoted to this selection, our company is guaranteed quality and standard for all types of Saffron. We sell only the highest quality Saffron, thanks to which we satisfy even the most demanding clientele.
By concentrating solely on the sale of Persian Saffron, we can guarantee the proper handling of the product, from the supplier's delivery through its own storage and keeping the necessary temperatures to maintain the quality of the products supplied by us.
To maintain product quality, we supply this to our clients with our own package equipped with the necessary cooling to maintain the required temperature in any weather. We deliver Persian Saffron directly to the customer's hands with the maximum possible delivery speed (when ordering by 12:00 we deliver the same day, in other cases the next day), guaranteeing our clients a fresh product without having to keep large stocks.

Our Details
Gourmetofpersia is a tradingbrand  name operated by

Gourmetofpersia OÜ