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Practical and non dripping Tea Pleasure
Green tea drinking and enjoyed millions of people around the world.
It is one of the classic teas with a long tradition in Asia.
Package contents: 16 bars Content per bar: 2.0
Mesh Sticks green tea is considered a healthy alternative to coffee and black tea. It contains caffeine, a healthy ingredient that is not found in black tea, and wakes you up in the morning. To get the healthy and aromatic ingredients of Mesh Sticks green tea, you should use tea water that is as calcareous and soft as possible.
The water temperature should be 70 degrees, but not more than 90 degrees. At these temperatures, flavors and ingredients are released and not damaged. It is also good to know that too hot water makes green tea bitter. Thanks to the net bars, you can enjoy freshly brewed tea wherever you are.
Enjoy tea without dripping, spilling and even without a spoon. Just immerse the bar in hot water and enjoy it.
Mesh Sticks - pure passion!
The history of mesh begins with the word "passion". Mesh sticks have been developed especially for tea lovers and offer the same pleasure anytime and anywhere.
Tea varieties are selected by our experts on the world's most prestigious plantations, mixed especially for your taste and aroma is sealed in our unique packaging. Comfortable tea enjoyment in a practical package.
You can order Mesh tea sticks and Mesh coffee sticks online with us!

How is the used?
The application is very simple: Prepare 200 - 250 ml of boiling water (temperature varies depending on the type of tea). Open the cover of the package and put it in water. Depending on the type of tea, stir the tea directly with a net stick and let it brew. The net bar does not drip and is hygienic. The result will convince you.

What is a mesh stick and how does it work?
The net bar consists of 3 layers of OPP foil. They are designed so that the fabrics do not change during the cooking process. The rod meets the high requirements of European standards. The net bar is environmentally friendly as it can be included in the normal recycling cycle.

Where does tea come from?
The varieties of black and green tea come from famous areas of India. The remaining teas come from the Martin Bauer Group, a tea refining company. All teas are of high quality. They do not contain artificial flavors or dyes, do not contain genetically modified ingredients and are tested for the presence of herbicides and pesticides.